For those who don’t want to wake up alone.

Wake-Up Club, along with a slew of other applications, was unveiled back in April on the PlayStation Blog. Next week, it will finally be released. This app is aimed at making the transition from your morning slumber to actually getting up (and not endlessly hitting the snooze button) a little more fun. Because Wake-Up Club isn’t your standard alarm clock.

The app will be like any standard alarm app, but now including the ability to personalize your alarm tone and background theme, Wake-up Club matches 12 randomly selected players who set their alarm clock at the same time into a—you guessed it—wake-up club!

As soon as your alarm goes off, your avatar will begin bouncing around the PS Vita touchscreen. Tapping your avatar lets other players know you’re now awake. Once in the virtual club room, you can see other players’ avatars, as well as who’s awake and who’s still sleeping. Tapping the sleeping players’ avatars will “cheer” them on. If you happen to keep snoozing though, you’ll notice that the rest of the Wake-up Club players will begin appearing on your screen. Swipe them away and tap your avatar to join the rest of the group.

Additionally, you can send friend requests and find out more information about each player by tapping their avatar. Make sure to check out your club records to see how many times you’ve managed to wake up within five minutes, how many consecutive successes you’ve managed, and the average time it takes you to wake up.

Source: US PlayStation Blog