More localization goodness!

XSEED Games have confirmed Sumioni: Demon Arts has finally been localized for Europe (after having been released in NA for a while now), and will be released on the 16th of January on the PlayStation Network Store. This little action side-scrolling platformer will cost €9.99/£7.99.

Sumioni is an eye-catching title because of its interesting visual style, which is in vein of Japanese ink prints. The game sports various mechanics making use of this novelty and the touchscreen is used in various ways; you can spawn lightning, douse enemy projectiles with water or draw your own platforms to jump on. There are various endings; which ending you receive depends on your performance during the game.

Via: PlayStation Blog Europe

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  • Yuuki

    hmm is the game good?

    • I haven’t played it, but it’s currently sitting at a 57 on MetaCritic.