Another really slow week for the Vita.

PS Vita


Wake-Up Club (Free)

PSP Games:

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows ($19.99)

PS One Classics:

  • Disney Pixar A Bug’s Life
  • Disney Pixar Toy Story 2
  • Disney Pixar Toy Story Racer
  • Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Scream Team


Wake-Up Club

  • Color Theme Pack ($0.25)

Price Changes:

  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance – PS Vita Game (now: $26.99 original price: $29.99)
  • Lumines Electronic Symphony – PS Vita Game (now: $26.99 original price: $29.99)
  • Orgarhythm – PS Vita Game (now: $19.99 original price: $29.99)
  • Rayman Origins – PS Vita Game (now: $26.99 original price: $29.99)
  • Sumioni: Demon Arts – PS Vita Game (now: $14.99 original price: $19.99)



Full Games:

  • DMC Devil May Cry ($59.99)
  • Angry Birds Trilogy ($39.99)

PS2 Classics:

  • Siren ($9.99)
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness ($9.99)


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