It needs an injection of something.

This set up looks a bit familiar.

When you are playing catch up with reviews, sometimes you add things and play things out of the order they would actually have been released. Asphalt: Injection here was a launch title and whilst it plays to an acceptable level, it so desperately wants to be Need for Speed. But the trouble it has in this case is that at this point now, Need for Speed has been released and is rather good. So playing this after, it feels very inferior.

The Asphalt series has been around for a short while now on many platforms, one of which is the iPhone and other mobiles. And herein lies probably the biggest complaint that you can levy against Injection; The Apple version is less that £1/$1 etc and this was released at full price. It can be purchased quite a lot cheaper now, but it is still cheaper elsewhere on other platforms and doesn’t have that much more content.

But that aside, what you do have is a game which packs nearly 50 real cars including Ferrari and Lamborgini models, Bentleys and Fords and allows you to to race in many different mode types across a total of 100 single player missions.

Just about sums up its chances of being the best Vita racer.

These missions vary from simple races and time trials, to missions where you have to collect tokens and eliminate other drivers and drift tests and one on one duels, but ultimately they all have the same aim, to hit the targets to achieve the stars, and progress up through a total of twenty divisions. Some of these will be pretty easy, and some may require you to come back with a slightly better car if you are going for the maximum of five stars in the event.

The premise is simple enough, pick a car and choose an event, drift around corners and power your nitro to speed through the pack. To boost your nitro meter you collect boost tokens littered around the track and through drifting, air time and the like. Each race has a basic three stars rating with an additional two for miscellaneous tasks, such as the total amount of drifting points or other racers that you have taken out.

As you continue to amass the stars you will also unlock tuning modifications to enhance the performance of your car, but this is little more than a way of increasing your nitro speed and top speed. As mentioned earlier, there are many cars to use, but again with the way they handle being little different from car to car it’s only a visual tweak.

Burning through the sky just feels better elsewhere.

Speaking of visuals, the game looks ok enough initially the cars look quite nice and the scenery does a good job with no noticeable pop in but although sharper than Most Wanted on a first glance, overall I was still more impressed the overall scale of EA and Criterion’s handheld masterpiece. The environments vary slightly from place to place, with some homages paid to Amercian and Japanese style cities but also involve snow and mountains and other features spread over fifteen different tracks.

The game also packs in some multiplayer features, but although the single player has many slightly different modes available, when competing online or via AD HOC it appears that only racing is available to you, which is slightly disappointing, especially in retrospect of Most Wanted.

If you can find it cheaply then it is worth a go, especially if you want to give your trophies a little bit of boost. It’ll give you fun for a little while, and it’s not a disgrace. It’s just expensive compared to iOS versions and despite how hard it tries, it isn’t Need for Speed. And we now have one of those.

  • Jon Harding-Rathbone

    Going to pick this one up when the price drops even more I think. It’s not a bad little game on iPhone but as you said, Gameloft are money grabbers when it comes to quick ports and price bumps.

  • Tried the demo, and it feels really cheap. Not something I’d want to pay money for.

  • I’d say if you can find it around the tenner mark, give it a whirl.

  • You kind of suck at writing :/

    • If you could offer me some constructive feedback, perhaps I could learn how to improve? What is it exactly that sucks about this review? Or was it that you like the game and I didn’t give it the score you think it deserves?

      I have no journalistic qualifications, as is stated on the site elsewhere. I am just a Vita fan trying to provide a site that cares about the Vita.

      Also, if you could link me to some writing that you have done, I would then have something to compare the standard of my writing with. 🙂

      • Oh, it’s nice you actually took the time to answer to my “blurt” of sorts. I didn’t expect that at all.

        Anyway… I believe one doesn’t need to be a writer to tell when writing isn’t good – reading should be enough. To be honest, english isn’t even my native language, but I still can tell that using “overall” twice on a same sentence isn’t good writing. That paragraph in particular (visuals) was a hard read. Nothing personal, and I apologize if my comment came out as rude… I sometimes go into “internet mode” without noticing.

        Oh, and don’t worry… the game doesn’t deserve a higher score, your score is pretty much spot-on.