With the launch just around the corner, Team NINJA has released details on cross-platform play, saves and DLC.

Cross-Platform Play:

  • Icons next to player names will indicate which system they are using.
  • The game will run at 60FPS on both consoles for a seamless experience with no lag.
  • Any characters unlocked on one system will be available for play on the other.
  • In-game rankings will indicate whether players are on PS Vita or PS3

Cross-Platform DLC:

  • Any DLC purchsed from the PS Store will be available on both systems at no extra charge.
  • Over 100 costumes have been delivered to date as DLC, and the cross-platform transfer allows players to preserve their collection while getting new gameplay options with DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS on PS Vita

Cross-Platform Game Saves/Unlocked Content:

  • Game saves are usable on either system, so you can save on one system and continue on the other.
  • Any content (such as unlocked costumes) unlocked on one system will be available on the other system.
  • “Any new stages for DOA5 on PS3, will also be available on DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS for PS Vita”


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