Shortly after PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launched in late November, SuperBot promised us two additional all-stars would soon be joining the battle. It was announced that the first two all-stars to release would be Starhawk’s Emmett Graves and Gravity Rush’s Kat, but they never gave us a release date. Today, we have a date. We can expect to see Kat and Emmett on February 12th in NA and on 13th February in EU. Both characters will be free for the first two weeks, so get them quick.

In addition to the new characters, PSASBR’s first DLC arena will be available for purchase in February. If you choose not to purchase the level, you’ll still be able to enjoy it in ranked online matches.

SuperBot’s CM, Daniel Maniago, also left us this little tidbit at the end of his PS Blog post:

We still have some more All-Stars on the way, so keep your eyes peeled in March for more info!

Check out the trailers for Kat and Emmett!

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  • Yuuki

    why sony… why to you fish in on me with Kat T_T

  • I hope they don’t do something stupid like tie a trophy to the stage, although it’s good you can still play on it without a purchase.

    Looking forward to Kat especially and how she will work, and how this will continue to be supported.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s no DLC required to platinum a game.
      But there’s often trophies in DLC.

      • Yuuki

        Say that to gravity rush 😉

        • You can get a platinum without getting the DLC trophies in that game.

          • Yuuki

            wasnt it so that 3 trophy from dlc missions were missing?