It’s always a good day when we get information about new Vita games.

With insane jumps and deliciously absurd environments, you’re in for quite a wild ride in Tate Interactive’s upcoming motorcycle arcade game Urban Trials Freestyle. Urban Trial Freestyle will be releasing on both the PS3 and Vita via PSN. We don’t have an official release date yet, but the game should be launching some time within the next few months. Here is a bit of info and a trailer to hold you over until then.

There are motorcycle arcade style games out there already, and although many are really fun (everybody remembers Elastomania!) most of them lack depth. So with Urban Trial Freestyle, we decided to add high-quality graphics and a modern social experience to the gameplay to bring this genre to a whole new level.

We wanted Urban Trial Freestyle to provide players with the highest level of competition as possible, so we are including about 100 different leaderboards. Players can compare their best score and best time depending on two different game modes. For example, in stunt mode, players can compete to be named “Best Stuntman” on every track. There are 20 tracks, and five kinds of stunts to perform on each track – and each one of them has its own leaderboard – all making Urban Trial Freestyle more unique and more competitive!

Arcade games are great for quick competitions so we also gave Time Attack mode a boost by storing the ghost of the best player on PlayStation Network so everyone can challenge him/her (it’s possible to choose worldwide best player or best amongst your friends).

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  • Jon Harding-Rathbone

    I love Trials games. Can’t wait for this one. Hope the price is good!