Patton’s Campaign rolls across Europe in early March.

After telling you in December to expect this game in February, the publisher for the game PQube got in touch with a new date, the 8th of March.

The game is being developed by Slitherine Software and has you traversing through seven different operations and 35 missions in total and players are directly responsible for the actions of their units, which include tanks, infantry and aircraft, with every decision having a direct effect on the final outcome of war.

There are many different mission types including attack, infiltration, defense, escort and sabotage spread over 22 maps in total, with over 50 different units to command altogether.

We also have a few new multi format screens for you to enjoy whilst we bug PQube for more information. I’ve been speaking to a few of you at PSVita Forum and some of you seem quite excited.

Personally I cannot wait for a little bit of turn based war goodness. we will bring you more information as we have it.

  • Lookin’ good! I will buy this instantly if the price is right, otherwise I’ll wait a bit.

  • teras

    So, it is a multi-format title.
    I thought that these screens looked too good to be for the vita. Is it turn based or real time?

  • Yuuki

    while i am waiting for turnbased war game ,that isnt the game i was waiting for.
    somehow the screens doesnt hit my nerve.

  • teras

    Too bad it is turn based.
    It would be awesome as an RTS.