Shows details of one track.

PQube has released new screenshots of the upcoming Milestone motorbiking game MotoGP 13. These screens offer a glimpse at one of the most significant circuits of the entire championship: Gran Premio d’Italia TIM – Mugello.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Mugello is a modern circuit with excellent facilities. The 5.245km track has a growing reputation as one of the world’s most up-to-date, scenic and safest race circuits. A blend of slow and fast turns with sweeping curves, long straights and off-camber corners make Mugello one of the most challenging circuits for both riders and engineers. Having hosted its first MotoGP event back in 1976 the venue became a permanent fixture in 1991 after extensive refurbishment.

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  • MikeRox

    Ah my memories of Mugello span back to the Xbox Live trial for Moto GP from like 2003. No Moto GP experience is complete without it now!

  • Jon Harding-Rathbone

    I hope the screenshots are from the vita version because they look very very good!

    • I’m fairly sure these are from the console versions, as they weren’t released in the Vita’s resolution.