So says EU blog. And Polish magazine PSX Extreme have some details in their latest issue.

We can’t tell you much about that though, because Polish isn’t our native tongue, so if anyone wants to help us out here, we have put the scan which was posted on Polish gaming site below for you.

If you do get the magazine, or can zoom in and translate it, we would be very grateful!

That said, we may not have to wait that long for some information, as a post on the EU PlayStation Blog by Fred Dutton tell us that they will be talking about Killzone Mercenary next week…

It has been over five months since Mercenary was revealed, and with the Vita in dire need of a good shooter, more information and indeed the release cannot come soon enough.

We hope to bring you more information as soon as we can, in the meantime why don’t you tell us what you are hoping for?

  • Yuuki

    news will come out january 03 between 16:30 and 17:00 UTC+1

  • Jon Harding-Rathbone

    I read from n4g that someone had roughly translated a couple of bits – the graphics are fantastic with the same game engine used as in Killzone 3, character models detail are high as is texture detail and draw distance. Also they are adding some touch screen features but nothing overdone or intrusive, to enhance the experience.

    • I’m going to be skeptical here and say those are very general statements which are pretty much expected. Certainly, there should be more news in an article of at least two pages.

      • The image is not clear enough to make a direct translation from apparently apart from a few bits. Hopefully we will have some news in the next day or two, I’m hearing musings of a new videos, screens and details and a release date! I certainly hope so.

        • Correct, Murphy.
          I went over it, and the tearaway one; at 5XX pixels wide, even resampling and using a forensic image deblur program can’t help. All you can really see are the biggest blurbs and titles.

          I tried. lol.

  • teras

    My Vita game of the year probably!
    I like a good shooter and killzone always delivers..

    • Not having a PS3 and skipping it on PS2 I’ve not had the pleasure of Killzone yet. but I don’t mind a FPS, and will obviously crack on with them when I get a PS3 eventually.