Especially when you get the loss anyway.

Despite the many failings with the Vita version of FIFA 13, it does still offer the best football experience that you can have in the palm of your hands so far. But one clear advantage that it does have over FIFA FOOTBALL is a fully attainable trophy list, seeing at the first game had a glitched trophy which was never patched.

Along your way to the platinum, you will encounter two trophies that you will need to best, the first being Good Form, which you gain through going five matches unbeaten and Hundred and Counting, for playing 100 ranked matches. You are going to find a big obstacle to your challenge. Quitting.

I’m sure this may come across as myself just being a whinger, but it cannot just be me that has this particular issue. Can it?

Hundred and Counting is the big annoyance for me, because whether you win, lose or draw it will count towards your stats. As long as you don’t quit. Or your opponent doesn’t. If the match ends with a disconnection, the game still tracks the fact that a game was played, yet it doesn’t count towards the 100. It also doesn’t count the result correctly.

I know it’s only a game, and I am certainly no trophy whore but when you are so close to getting your first platinum, and moreover you are playing a game it is extremely frustrating. Especially when your opponent terminates the connection in the dying seconds after you have been playing for nearly 20 minutes.

Today I was playing as Tottenham Hotspur, and playing our North London Rivals Arsenal. After restoring parity to the scoreline after falling behind with a Jermain Defoe thunderbolt, I very quickly fell 3-1 behind by half time. Unwavered, I promptly substituted Brad Friedel and the ineffective Gilfi Siggurdson (how many times has that been said this season?) and threw on Hugo Lloris and Emmanuel Adebayor, and within 20 game minutes led 5-3. My reward for my loyalty and staying power? “The connection has been lost”. An oh too familiar sight. Especially today it seems. Another match, an international friendly between Argentina Brazil also saw me score five times, this time equalizing with a Leandro Daimio finish from around 8 yards. They quit.They took a loss instead of a draw.

I have many hopes for the Vita version of FIfa 14, but one of them has to be this contentious disconnecting. If you could just either make the stats count correctly; or not at all then that would make me a little happier. or maybe even just match us up with similar DNF% by default, not any.

I’ve apparently played 60 head to head matches so far, but how many I have really played could be as little as 30. I’ve even taking to scoring own goals in the dying seconds in order to level matches to protect the unbeaten run, and they still quit sometimes.

Does anyone else take such desperate measures? Feel free to sound off in the comments, and add me (with a note) if you want to play some matches with someone who won’t quit. Even if I lose.


  • Seems like this is a common issue with sports and fighting games online. Sucks because these type of games are enhanced by online play yet being online makes it easy for people to just quit when they arent doing good.

    To combat this if the other player quits the host switches to you and his team switches to ai, easy ai and the win lose or draw still goes on the quitters record.

    • Yeah, it has always been the case, and I’m sure that *some* could be attributed to an accidental loss of internet in the 90th minute, when you are losing.

      But when you are robbed of something that you have earned it’s a bit annoying. A few times is one thing but it seems to be every game…

  • i would like to suggest to the article writer to take reality into consideration. not everytime a random internet-opponent “quits” he is a bad loser. please take a quick look at the planet and its inhabitants. they are located all around the globe.
    do you really dare to take your ego above routers disconnecting randomly? take your ego above a power failure? take your ego above let’s say little children doing stuff to routers?
    it is a bit a stretch for me to read your article and not think “wow, someone takes stuff really personal which is just not aimed at him”.

    in my opinion the far more logical thing to say would be “make developpers acknowledge the fact that connection losses do happen. make developpers change their coded system so people like the article writer will not start to freak out due to realistic percentages of connection losses. make developpers care a little bit more than they do.”

    i agree that there are myriads of morons out there who got nothing better to do than to disconnect at a lose-situation. but these are far, far less than “natural causes”.

    play online – experience connection losses. that’s like it has always been.

    • I get what you are saying, and to be fair fella, I don’t have an ego. 😛

      But are you telling me that people’s internet connections drop randomly at the point that match is finishing? Or the second you go ahead? I am yet to encounter a match that terminates when they are winning. I am sure it happens. But the images in this article both came from the Brazil-Argentina game. I scored the equaliser, and got the oh too familiar loading ring at the side of the screen. Followed by the disconnect screen.

      I know power failures happen around the world. The funny thing is, these things don’t happen when I am playing matches against people I know. I’m not complaining about natural power connection losses, that does happen.

      But not when I am winning. Or arguably worse, when I am drawing trying to go five matches unbeaten. And funnily enough, not when paired with someone of similar DNF%.

      I think you took this more seriously then I did, and I know it always happens in online matches. I’m just asking EA to acknowledge it and pair with players that are less likely to do it. 😉

  • teras

    You have to keep in mind the bad quality in the connection between two players. Since the match is being hosted on a Vita console that is connected wirelessly to a router you have a lot of parameters that can make the game session problematic and cause one of the two to just drop it due to excessive lagging and slowdown.
    Of course I realize that in your case most of your opponents probably rage quit because this happens a lot too.
    Then, there are still people who don’t care about stats ot trophies.
    I had a match of FIFA Football yesterday (funnily enough although I got the game pre-owned it didn’t ask for an online pass-has EA dropped it for this game?) that was horribly slow and laggy. I went through it eventually winning but I was on the verge of quitting because of the bad connection quality.

    • Luckily EA haven’t hit us with the online pass for their few Vita titles. I’m sure it won’t be long.

  • scwiffy

    This REALLY agitates me!

    I don’t have much online time to spare these days (play Vita mainly on my commute) so it makes it even more frustrating. I really enjoy online Fifa but disconnects stopped me from playing, such a waste of time.

    I didn’t buy Fifa 13 for obvious reasons, but i can only imagine that this new feature (although finally a sign in the right direction from EA) is only more annoying if your searching for platinum because i guess you don’t know the ACTUAL amount of games you’ve completed.

    I agree with some of the other posters here about connection issues (an i myself have been guilty of turning off to leave house/battery going dead) but i agree with Murphy that the timings 80% of the time leave little doubt about why these players have quit.

    I’ve got the ultimate answer for EA – don’t put up a 100 games trophy up!

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  • r0yalbro


    my game used to be disconnecting me from EAS FC Servers and i had to restart the game, but i found the solution to my case

    my platform is PC and i used to have the game in other language that not english, so all i did was:

    1. uninstalled fifa and origin, and deleted all the files from this program

    2. then i installed origin, changed it to ENGLISH

    3. installed FIFA 13 and always choose everything in ENGLISH

    ~ if you are in xbox or ps3, try to uninstall the game ; installe it ; and choose everything for english. dont really know if it works cause i only play on PC

    Hope it works for you too, cause i truly know how frustrating this issue can be


  • Zahier Samsodien

    True thes rage quitters are sore losers who irritate the $#!@ out of me….I keep wasting my money on fifa…I own the pc and vita version of fifa 13 and it just lay around because of the rage quitters…if you are one of them reading this dont play if you suck or at least finish the game….