In August, we got a glimpse into the wonderful paper-world of Media Molecule’s Tearaway. We were also introduced to the game’s protagonist iota. Today, Media Molecule delivers unto us another fantastic trailer, along with our first look at the female protagonist atoi (pronounced “ah-twa”).






Just in case you missed it, here’s the trailer Media Molecule launched in August.

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  • I can’t decide which game of this and Killzone I am most excited for this year.

    But the uniqueness of this probably has me swaying more this way. 🙂

    Character customisation is also present, apparantly, LBP style. So I heard.

    • Jon Harding-Rathbone

      I can’t decide either. I want both!

  • Arctual

    Game’s looking great, but I’m still not set on it.

  • PMurphy1978

    What is it that isn’t setting for you?

    • The ‘taking advantage of the Vita’s unique features’ part (aka excessive gimmickry). Touchscreen usage in the right places enriches the experience, but it seems a bit too overdone and intrusive in Tearaway.

  • Mike Evans

    I’m not sold on the back touch pad usage in this game. If there’s one thing I hate most about the Vita, it’s that back touch pad.

    • The back touch is probably what makes me hate Little Deviants so much. it works well enough in Fifa though; but i did turn it off once I had done the trophy though. Hopefully it won’t be over-done.