This one is very nice. Can we have it please Sony?

Reported on Tech Radar (via PS Vita Gamer Forums) Sony have announced a new “Ice Silver” colour for the Asian market, to go with the black, white red and blue versions already available.

Tech Radar say that it will cost HK$2,280 ($294, £187) in Hong Kong, and is also promised to come to Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. We will keep an eye on sites like Play Asia and let you know when it is available, it is released there at the end of February.

What do you think of it? Personally I wasn’t a fan of the blue or red ones dude to the colours on the buttons, but this one looks pretty swish. Of course there are no differences under the hood though.

So I hope it does make it to the west, but we haven’t even got the white one yet. Please Sony?


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  • Yuuki

    i would prefer a purple one^^