According to a response on the PS Blog, we may see Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD on the Vita. 

Vita owners were shocked and disappointed when it was announced that the Metal Gear Solid HD collection would be a game short on the PS Vita. Some even went so far as to avoid the title entirely due to the elimination of Peace Walker. However, according to a reply on the PS Blog from Konami’s Social Media Manager Dalton Link, we may see Peace Walker HD make its way to Vitas in the near future.

Dalton Link had this to say in response to a fan asking about Portable Ops and Peace Walker: “You may see MSF infiltrate the Vita in the near future. Stay tuned!

As MGS fans know, MSF stands for Militaires Sans Frontières (AKA Outer Heaven), a private military company founded and led by Big Boss. Peace Walker follows the story of Big Boss leading up to the founding of  Outer Heaven.

It may be a long shot, but Peace Walker is a great addition to the MGS franchise and many Vita owners would love an HD version to replace their PSP download.


Source PS Blog

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  • nathan rodriguez

    I hope this isn’t what the rumored vita MGS is going to be. An HD remake is fine and all; although I certainly hope this is not all that was meant or even envisioned.

    • I’m still hoping that Phantom Pain turns out to be a Vita title…

  • nathan rodriguez

    It is so odd, isn’t the phantom pain a standalone title? Well then what was MGS: Ground Zeroes? Kojima be milkin’ it.