You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

FarSight Studio’s Pinball Arcade released for the PS3 and Vita last year with the promise of additional tables coming as DLC. Today, we get an exciting new Twilight Zone table. Pinball Arcade Producer/Designer Scott Shelton had this to say about the newest table.

“The main reasons Twilight Zone is such a great table is the cool theme and the incredible number of features it has. The Twilight Zone show is just a perfect theme for a pinball table and they did a great job of tying episodes of the show into the various modes.

As far as features, it is, hands down the most complex table we have worked on to date. It’s clear that Pat Lawlor was given free reign when designing Twilight Zone after the commercial success of his previous design, The Addams Family.

When I’m playing the game, I tend to activate most of the features and modes on the table through normal gameplay, which is a testament to how well it is designed. A lot of tables have features that are so obscure that you’re unlikely to ever see them. The flow of Twilight Zone is such that the modes are getting activated left and right, just by making various shots on the table.

When I’m playing, I try to focus on earning Door Panels as quickly as possible so that I can play the Lost in the Zone mode. You don’t have to wait for one Door Panel mode to end before activating the next one, and they can be activated from the Player Piano Hole or the Slot Machine. When I’m in a groove, I can get into a pattern where I shoot the Slot Machine to activate a Door Panel and then shoot the Right Ramp to relight the Slot Machine. Shooting the Right Ramp also sets you up for a shot at the Player Piano Hole to activate another Door Panel. Repeating this method over and over gets you through the Door Panels very quickly. Even better, shoot the Right Ramp when it’s lit for Battle the Power to send the ball to the Powerfield. On the Powerfield, you use one of Twilight Zone’s most unique features, the magnetic flippers. These invisible flippers let you “flip” the ball towards a hole at the end of the Powerfield. Successfully making that shot, scores a bunch of points and earns another Door Panel.”










Via PS Blog

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