It’s about (thieves in) time.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be playable as a demo in PAL territories on February the 20th. The game,  which released in the US on February the 5th and will be releasing in Europe on March the 27th, is the fourth entry in the Sly series and features classic sneaking and stealing action. You’ll have a full month to salivate over it until you get to play it (if you’re  not lucky enough to live in the US).

Via: PlayStation Blog Europe

  • Not only do we have to wait until the end of March for it, they release the demo on the same day that Ragnarok Odyssey, another delayed title releases and the same week that P4G is released.

    Nice planning. 😉

    • Mike Evans

      Ooh, you guys are finally getting Ragnarok Odyssey and P4G. I’m excited for you. (^_^)

    • Not to mention on the day that the Playstation 4 is supposed to be announced!

  • I should try Ragnarok again. I’ve got a Mercenaries Edition from the US but the current one is sealed having cost me the best part of £70 due to GameStop messing up whilst I was in the US over Christmas.

    Can’t wait for Sly, is this a Vita demo or PS3 demo? I’m gonna probably do the same as I did for Allstars and get the Vita retail version just to add another Vita box to the shelf :p