New details have just been announced on the EU PlayStation Blog for the upcoming brawler Dead Or Alive 5+ for the Vita.

The new “Touch Fight” mode lets players use the Vita’s touch screen for moves while fighting in a first person mode. The Vita can be held as normal for the standard widescreen view but you can also hold it vertically for a “close up” battle view, I wonder why you would be inclined to view this game up close?.

It seams most of the moves revolve around either tapping the screen or using certain swipe gestures to perform combos similar to how Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 works now. Personally I’m not too sure on these input methods, physical buttons are a must for a precise beat-em-up like Dead Or Alive.

The game is currently scheduled for a release on the 22nd of March. You can check out the full article at the PlayStation Blog.

Would you play Dead Or Alive with touch controls only?