Free to play, has PS3 cross play and cross save.

Bloober Team, best known in the Vita environment for A-men have today announced via the PlayStation Blog that their next title will be a free to play 3v3 multiplayer online battle arena game.

They are also offering a chance to get in on the action before release by signing up for the closed beta, but it is unfortunately PS3 only, but be quick and email!

Some of the features that can be expected are:

  • Available for free! One of the first F2P titles for PS3 and PS Vita
  • Dynamic three-on-three multiplayer battles
  • Innovative Cross Play and Cross Save support
  • Dozens of weapons, items and skills
  • Customisable characters to level up and master
  • Unique redneck design
  • Interactive arenas
  • Compelling Pig Hunt and Pig Race modes
  • Your own village with multiple buildings to visit – from the herbalist’s shop to the training ground
  • A trusty donkey for everyone
  • Pig-snatching!

They say that inbetween your epic battles you can recharge your batteries in your village to customise your character, learn new skills, obtain new weapons or simply to rest your donkey buddy.

This sounds very intruiging and it is great news that it’s free to play, it will be interesting to see if any purchasing requirements are put in place.