The perfect game for western Otakus?

Recently Atelier Totori Plus was rated by the Austrian OFLC, Office of Film and Literature Classification , this indicated that a western release is at least in planning and as Tecmo Koei is listed as the game’s publisher makes it even more likely. OFLC mostly reflects happening in US and Europe so a Worldwide launch could be likely.

Atelier Totori Plus is a enchanted Vita remake of the the  2010 in Japan and in 2011 in US and Europe released Atelier Totori for the PS 3.
It brings in new new characters and new events, new gameplay elements and new costumes.

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  • Kyle Wakeling

    I heard this was #1 in its release week in Japan (Nov 29, 2012).
    No idea about it otherwise though; they’d need a demo or something for me to try before I’d buy it. =P

  • CUD

    Great news!

  • Kenyuu

    If this does come out on NA I’d probably get it 😛

  • RovCal

    so getting it.