Will Gaikai and PS4 be the savior of the Vita’s remote play feature?

Many Vita owners were upset due to a decided lack of Vita-related news announced at last night’s PlayStation Meeting, but one thing stood out for me: remote play.

Remote play was touted as a major feature on the Vita prior to launch, but when we finally got our grubby hands on the thing, true remote play was nowhere to be seen. In fact, only people with a hacked PS3 had access to the feature. Eventually Sony launched the God of War Collection and the HD remasters of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which supported remote play. Good news, but with a list of remote play compatible games countable on one hand, the feature is nowhere near as robust as we were initially made to believe.  Last night, Sony and Gaikai promised major remote play support on the PS4.

According to Gaikai CEO David Perry, remote play is “built into the architecture of the PS4.” He went on to call the Vita “the ultimate companion device for PS4”, and then showed off the Vita playing the previously announced PS4 game entitled Knack. After the demo, he boldly stated, “Our long term goal is to make every PS4 game title playable on the Vita” and with “dramatically reduced transmission times” the experience will be far better than before. Perry also hinted at the possibility of seeing remote streaming of not only PS1 games, but also PS2 and PS3 games on the Vita through the PlayStation Cloud service.

The reasoning behind Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai has finally come to light, and we here at the Vita Lounge couldn’t be more excited. Please enjoy these screenshots of Knack running on the PS Vita!





If you missed out on the PlayStation Meeting last night, you can check it out in full right here! The Remote play bit starts at about 0:35:40

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  • I really hope they do 100% remote play compatibility this time. I dunno if anyone else is anywhere near as excited as I am but remote play with PS4 graphics would be amazing!