Put your wellington boots on and stealthily sneak in!That’s right, some great new games coming our way in Europe in March starting on the 13th with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which will replace WipEout 2048. Galvatron recently reviewed this remake of the classic MGS titles and is a great addition to the instant game collection.

On the 20th, Lumines will drop off and will swap with Puddle, which is a puzzle/platform cross and requires you to manoevre a mass of liquid through the stage to its target destination.

Those with a PS3 will also gain Mass Effect 3, Dead or alive 5 and Joe Danger 2!

Leaving PS Plus in March:

  • 6th March: Sleeping Dogs
  • 6th March: Vanquish
  • 6th March: LIMBO
  • 13th March: Wipeout 2048
  • 20th March: Lumines Electronic Symphony

Entering PS Plus in March:

  • 6th March: Mass Effect 3
  • 6th March: Dead or Alive 5
  • 6th March: Joe Danger 2
  • 13th March: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
  • 20th March: Puddle
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  • They’re adding Metal Gear Solid HD to the instant game collection? Ooh, VERY nice.

    • I was surprised too, pretty big deal. Great news. Mass Effect 3 for PS3 is amazing too.

  • rozen

    Sweet! Metal is so so… OMGŁ=

  • wow seriously? You guys defiantly got the better ps+ service.