Not long now, soldier!

We’ve been covering this a bit and now we only have 12 days until this turn based war simulator from slitherine and pQube is upon us. To mark this point, we have a short trailer for you.

The game is a HD remake of the PSP title of the same name and features:

  • 4 Operations, 21 missions, 44 battlefield maps & 36 different types of unit
  • Varied mission types, including attack, infiltration, defence, escort and sabotage.
  • Unique combination of 2 strategy game mechanics: high-level strategic management and turn-based tactics.
  • 44 different battlefield maps consisting of 3 different environments: countryside, snow and cities.
  • 36 different types of units: command infantry, armoured vehicles and aircrafts, special units (including snipers, elite forces and commandos) fighters and bombers.
  • Go Head-to-Head with the Hotseat multiplayer mode.

The Vita could do with a decent strategy game and we are hoping that this will be able to fill the gap, but it is also out on PC, Xbox 360 andPS3 should you prefer. I’m sure that turn based war fun will be better on the go though, especially when the only other alternative is Table Top Tanks…

Are you looking forward to this?

  • Man! Can’t wait for a state side release of this. If not then will be importing it.

  • Laocontico

    thought this was coming out this week 🙁