Well, a stage and two characters. Potentially more trophies too.

Hot on the heels of the Kat and Emett DLC this month, Sony have announced that the rosted will increase further in March with the addition of Issac Clarke from the Dead Space series of games and the addition of the god Zeus who also happens to be from the God of War series. Again there will be a new stage called Graveyard that is based on MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan. I’ll elaborate more after you have a look at these character videos.

This news was posted on the US Blog by Seth Killian from Sony Stanta Monic and he stated that:

Zeus is “a bit of a jerk” and “He can power up virtually all of his attacks into a “charged” version with all kinds of new effects, giving him one of the biggest move lists in the game. Super-armored rushing punches, a clone move, teleports, and lightning bolts–lots and lots of lightning bolts. Your best bet against Zeus is to stay on his good side (aka behind him), or far away.

His level 1 is a giant Lightning Clap that lacks range but has a great area of effect. Level 2 lets Zeus take to the skies and fly anywhere before exploding in a deadly lightning storm. His level 3 “Wrath of Zeus” takes you to Olympus to fight a godlike 100-foot tall Zeus, and in true boss-fight form, he can wipe out half the screen with a single strike.”

Sounds fun! On Issac he stated that the intention was to make “a strong mid-range fighter using the unique weapons and Kinesis/Stasis abilities you’ll recognize from the Dead Space series (think somewhere between Drake and Jak, with a lot of twists). He has some very interesting long-range options (the Bouncing Bola acts like sniper rifle that bounces off of walls, getting more powerful with each bounce) and he’s got some great moves up close.

His level 1 super fires a supercharged stasis burst and then overloads his Plasma Cutter, which can be aimed anywhere, even at very long range. His level 2 super overloads his Kinesis module creating a bubble that launches nearby enemies away at “terminal” velocity, and Isaac’s level 3 takes you into space where he blows the airlock, sucking everyone into space for a quick game of something like “Asteroids” where Isaac flies around blasting opponents and space debris into dust.”

Seth said of the new stage: “The new “Graveyard” level mashes up MediEvil‘s Graveyard opening with… The Unfinished Swan. While we start in recognizable MediEvil territory (complete with pop-up zombies and a wisecracking gargoyle), the “Swan” elements are shown off with a mid-match whiteout and ink splatters that slowly reveal the emerging structures. There are lots of little Swan touches throughout the stage, from the hidden labyrinth, to a balloon, the King, and of course the Unfinished Swan itself makes a cameo.”

The new DLC will land on March 19th on the US store (and I’d imagine on the 20th in Europe, but unconfirmed yet) and the characters will be free to those that have a preorder code for the upcoming God of War PS3 title, Ascension which release a week earlier. Otherwise they wil be $4.99 each.

The Graveyard level will cost $1.99 like the previous stage – Fearless – but will also be playable without purchase through ranked play.

Seth also stated that there would br trophies linked to the two new characters, and that they were “working on adding trophies for Kat and Emett too.”

We rather like PSAS here at the lounge and the newer characters were great additions and we can’t wait to see what Issac and Zeus bring to the table. What do you think?