And with PlayStation Plus copies a “bajillion more”.

With a rallying cry for more indie developers to climb aboard the Vita, Brian Provinciao – who made the brilliant Retro City Rampage – stated via Twitter that the title had performed best on the Vita and sold more copies there than any other platform, and that was without the free copies those with PlayStation Plus benefited from.

Reading through the original tweets he also adds that he will definitely work on another Vita title, which is always a good thing.

What do you make of the news? Did you buy RCR?

Sources – Gamrreview, Twitter

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  • Note: I believe it was said that it sold more on PSN than on XBLA, and more on Vita than on PS3. That does not necessarily mean it sold more on Vita than on XBLA.
    But it is deserved :). Fun game.