Or is it just a Illusion?

Classificacao Indicativa, a Brazilian ratings board submitted the rating for Castle of Illusion, and it is slated for a release onĀ  Vita, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Castle of Illusion is a Platform-Adventure game which is features Mickey Mouse and it will seemingly be a Remake of the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) game which was released back then in 1990.

Would you buy the game? Did you buy the original?


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Yuuki is 21 and from Germany. Gaming since 1998 and starting with a SNES he progressed through all Nintendo systems as well as an Xbox 360 and Sony consoles, including his newest addition to his console history, the Vita. Favourite genres include jRPGs and Strategy games.
  • I loved the Master System one, sadly never got on with the Mega Drive one as well, but if they do release this on the Heritage Collection I’ll probably grab it anyway.

  • Presumably an HD PSN and XBLA version? I’ll give the game another try on Xperia Play but wasn’t a huge fan when I tried it before and will wait for it to appear on the IGC.

  • Kieron O’Hara

    You’re like a little Vita spy. So many games I heard of from you first.

    I remember having this on Mega Drive. Remember it being awful too.