According to what he told MCV UK. And more Vita titles inbound.

We gave our own thoughts on the state of UK retail a couple of weeks ago, but in an interview with MCV UK, the managing Director of SCE UK Fergal Gara spoke positively of the Vita, he claimed that Sony “asserted ourselves on the handheld market and claimed over a third of that.”

That’s a pretty bold statement to make, especially when it isn’t backed up by any public figures, but fantastic news all the same. I’m always seeing a large number of people on Near around me and when I go on my travels around. Whether or not PSP figures are lumbered into that or not is a mystery.

He went on to talk about the teams restructuring, saying that “from a team perspective, about 50 per cent of people are either new to the business or are in new roles. There is a significantly refreshed team that is forming quite nicely now. There’s still more work to do and more learning to do, but as we enter 2013, I feel market metrics are in a good place and the team is in a good shape.”

A lot of changes and hires to hopefully get some new momentum on all divisions.

He felt that Sony could have benefitted from an AAA title at christmas and that “timing of releases wasn’t quite ideal last Christmas. The flip side of that is the PS3 schedule for this year is fantastic. The biggest challenge for the team this year is that we have three major formats to focus on: PS3 is the bread and butter of our business, PS Vita there’s loads more to come, and then an exciting new console.”

When MCV pushed the suggestion of a lack of upcoming titles on the way for the Vita, Gara replied “It looks bare in terms of what is announced. The cupboard won’t be bare.”

I’ve suggested the same to many people when they complain about a lack of games, and I always say the same thing. The difference is that Fergal knows what is coming. To generate so excitement, it might be a good idea to tell people.

Anyway, it’s great to see that from SCE UK’s point of view the Vita is in great shape and seemingly not being outsold by 6-1 as it is in other markets. Why do you think?

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  • Sony always do well in the UK, so no surprise. It’s why we haven’t had a price cut yet. The price point reduction in Japan and other areas will bolster sales though. Things are looking good for the Vita.