Two weeks in a row, and outsold the total 3DS sales. Soul Sacrifice Debuts 2nd.

Following on from the first suggestions last week of a recovery in Japan for the Vita, we have learned from the Media Create figures on 4 Gamer today that the Vita was the top selling console in Japan last week, with 36.6% of the total sales, hitting 63,581 total units. Whilst it is an impressive figure in itself, it’s also notable as for being one of the rare occasions where it outsold the combined 3DS tallies too, which is a very welcome result!

It will be very interesting to see where the Vita goes next week though, as there is not really a notable title (One Piece is out but is not solely a Vita release) to carry the sales off, so another strong week would suggest that the sales will consistantly grow.

With regards to the games, Soul Sacrice debuted at second in the charts, with a decent return of 92,396 from the first batch of sales, but if you include the sales from the double pack of the game (which charted in 10th) then you have nearly 115,000 units, which would have comfortably outsold the number one game, PS3 title Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.

Elsewhere in the charts we had a decent charting for Tales of Hearts R in 5th, and last weeks big sellers Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and Phantasy Star Online 2 tumbled into the lower end of the charts at 13th and 15th.

You can get the full charts (in english) at Gematsu.

What do you think of the apparent Vita recovery in Japan? Do you think it can sustain the current momentum?

  • Great news! Developers will now hopefully see the Vita has a very big future.

    Welcome back online too … missed ya 🙂

    • Thanks dude. I’ve been so angry for a whole day lol.

      • I tried to pop in yesterday and couldn’t get on. I thought it was my internet :-s

        • Unfortunately not Jon, the RAID card on our server died…

  • JonofPDX

    I think Vita sales WILL go down next week without a AAA
    title releasing to drive gamers to the shops, but the price cut should ensure
    that numbers don’t slip to the level that they did before the cut.

    I actually think sales are going to be really dependent on
    how individual retailers advertise their Vita selection. Without a specific
    title leading consumers to take a look at the (often small and out of the way)
    Vita sections sales are going to suffer just because general consumers honestly
    don’t know what’s available for the Vita. Some solid marketing/advertisement could
    help that.

  • Toploader

    Good times ahead, I think the Vita will really find its feet come the PS4 launch.