Are you ready to fight for Valhalla?

Marvelous AQL leaked a new few details about the 7 vs 7 mode in their upcoming Vita Game, Valhalla Knights 3!

Following the original announcement back in 2012 for the game, they said that this entry into the series will support 7 vs 7 multiplayer mode, and now they have explained a little on how it will work, and a few bits from the modes. Before the actual game begins you can target a enemy in the lobby and this will indicate to others in the party that he or she has claimed that Player as opponent.

ImageBanana - 13valhallaknight32.jpg
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Boost Attack
This is a special and very hard attack on the enemy. It will do massive damage do the receiving end. As soon as you have enough points to do a Boost button is going to be shown in the lower left side of the screen. The only thing you have do to is do push it and your character will do the boost attack.

ImageBanana - 13valhallaknight34.jpg

Defeat The Leader
Like the name implies you kill the leader of the party and you will win. Simple.

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  • I’m intruiged by this series. It’s gotten average reviews yet spawned two sequels on the psp. It must have sold well! Tempted to try downloading the psp trilogy as it’s so cheap.

    • Teras

      The psp games are not good. However this looks interesting.
      The problem is that most vita games take so much time to be ready and available in Europe/US. Soul Sacrifice, Dragon’s Crown, this etc.

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