Great news for all of you Sound Shapes fans!

Yesterday, a new update and DLC launched for the amazing music-based platformer known as Sound Shapes. The update brings two long awaited features to the game: the Community Milkcrate and Offline Play.

The Community Milkcrate features some of the best player-created levels, hand-picked by the Sound Shapes team, and sorts them into convenient albums along with ‘ liner notes with insights and interesting things to check out while playing them, kinda like a director’s commentary for levels.’ The Community Milkcrate launched with 35 amazing levels in six different albums, all of which are free with the update.

Offline Play is a player requested feature. While connected to the servers, all you have to do is find a level you like, and then press a button to sync it. With this feature, you can sync all of your favorite player-created levels to your system and play them whenever you want, even when you can’t access the Sound Shapes servers. This feature is also included for free in the update.

The new Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack DLC adds some amazing things to your Sound Shapes experience. Bringing new editing tools such as speed boosts and loop-de-loops, as well as new campaign levels, and a full sound pack, this DLC pack is definitely worth the $1.99 they’re asking for it.

Here’s a trailer showing off the new features and DLC!

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  • Punk

    This DLC is great, just got it the other day. Really feel Sound Shapes is a game that keeps giving, amazing and inventive DLC, 5 new silver trophies every time they release DLC. Genuinely prefer this game on the Vita too as opposed to the PS3 version