2D combat/construction/crafting/exploring indie hit hinted at.

Terraria is making it’s way to the PSN for the PS3, that much is known. But a piece on Gamer Tell which had an interview with 505 Games producer David Welch had this little piece in it:

GamerTell: If the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Terraria are successful enough, would a Vita port be considered? I’d think the touch screen would be a natural fit for the building aspects.

Welch: You’re not the first one to mention that. We agree that the platform could be a very natural fit and we’re certainly looking into it.

The Vita is certainly starting to gain some much needed attention with games, and indie developers in particular are starting to really buy into the platform.

Terraria itself was released originally on the PC in 2011 and invokes a very Minecraft feel, it certainly seems to draw a lot of inspiration from it and compact it into a 2D world. It would appear to be a good fit for the Vita. As would Minecraft itself!

Anyway, to give you an idea, here is the console teaser trailer.

If we do hear anything we will of course let you know!

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  • CUD

    Terraria is an awesome game but I feel the controls will really suffer with anything but a mouse.

  • Iniquity

    I agree with CUD. I loved the game on PC and spent countless hours with it and would LOVE to spend countless more. However, I feel like this is one game that would actually legitimately suffer without a mouse and no, touch isn’t a REAL winner of an alternative either. If you’ve played the game on PC you will know exactly what I mean.