Or Hot Shots, depending on where you live. Kat steps up to swing, and latest patch details.

Everybody’s Golf has recently received patch 1.05, which adds a host of new features. For instance, you are now able to play turn-based in a new mode, which allows for asynchronous multiplayer competition so you do not need to verse your opponent in real time. This can prove useful for those who want to play with their international friends in different time zones. You are now also able to set up 20 different parallel games at any given time, which incorporate an anti-cheating method, short messages as well as competitive score history between friends.

Additional gameplay updates include:

  • Four-player stroke mode enabled in the multiplayer rooms
  • A slot mode added to the online/adhoc, enabling a slot machine style handicap system applied per hole to keep the game interesting in case there is an imbalance between player skills
  • We’ve also added a new visual lobby in the online space, and tweaked the game balance a little bit

But that is not all. There’s also new DLC content, in the form of two new courses and three new characters. The first course is Mt. Sakura, which also starred in the PS2 iteration in the Everybody’s Golf series. Another classic course that is being brought back  is Northern Fox. Both courses are suitable for novice and advanced players. A new course, called Mar Cielo, is also being added to the course roster. It is catered towards intermediate and advanced players and will feature a beach resort style setting, with lush greens and sparkling emerald waters.

Lastly, Sony are offering us three new characters, being Erika, Gloria, and Kat (the protagonist from Gravity Rush).

These new courses and characters will be available next Wednesday when PlayStation Store updates. Each character will cost €0.75, with the courses going for €2.49 each. You’ll be able to grab the whole set for €7.49.

North American gamers will be paying $0.99 for the characters and $2.99 for the courses. The whole lot will be $11.99 or for plus subscribers $8.99.

Via: EU PlayStation Blog

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