Check your inbox! …again!

If you can remember way back to about three weeks ago, we found out that Sony had apparently sent out $10 credit vouchers to random people via XMB message. A lot of people (including myself) were disappointed to find an empty inbox. However, last night I received an official message from PSN with my very own $10 voucher! Could this mean that Sony has sent out another wave of vouchers? Or maybe the vouchers are just trickling out slowly?Either way, it seems there is still hope for those of use who were left out a few weeks ago.

Did anyone else get a message? If you did, let us know below what you’re planning on getting with the credit!

Here’s my proof (please forgive the horrible Vita camera)





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  • Isn’t this round for the “spend $50 and get back $10 deal”?

    • No, that is for april i guess

      • Mike Evans

        Correct. Those vouchers are to be mailed out sometime by mid-April. I’m not a Plus subscriber, nor have I spent $50 in the store, so this is unrelated.

        • Teras

          Let me guess..
          US PSN only?

  • nathan rodriguez

    Hell no I didn’t. Last week i spent $109 on the psn. I still get no love.

  • JonofPDX

    I got $10 in the last wave–went towards Little Deviants and MotorStorm RC while they were on sale. Pretty sweet for me, as I had been putting off Little Deviant’s since I heard it was fun–but not worth the price.

    • How are you finding Little Deviants? It’s easily the worst game I’ve played on Vita, personally…

      • JonofPDX

        You know, I don’t hate it for what it is. It’s a quirky little collection of mini-games. Period.

        I DO really wish they had added more games and given them a little more depth. I think of it as a more cutesy, fun Welcome Park and I’m pretty okay w/ that.

        It’s one of the games my girlfriend will sit next to me and play while I’m using the PS3 or 360 so it was worth the $7 I spent on it (or Sony spent on it, I guess) right there. Would never spend more than $10 though.


        Chronovolt was the worst for me. Ugh.

  • Live is so hard for EU-players…