Polytron in talks with Sony, apparently.

It seems that with each passing week Sony have managed to reveal or tie up another indie developed game to the PS3 and Vita and after the announcements of Frozen Synapse, Hotline Miami, Thomas was Alone, Lone Survivor and many others we heard little word on this via PlayStation Lifestyle (who themselves got it from Reddit) that we could be seeing Fez, by Polytron.

Now for those that don’t know what Fez is – which scored favourably when released on the 360 last year – it is a 2 dimensional puzzle platformer which can also shift the perspective to reveal other secrets and portions of the level.

Fez hits Steam on May 1st now that the exclusivity period with Microsoft has expired, and during the above mentioned Reddit thread Phil Fish was asked if we would see a Vita version.

i can’t really 100% confirm that yet, but im working with sony trying to figure something out.

When asked again about a PSN release, he replied:

We’re working on that with Sony. Can’t say more than that right now, though

Now this is obviously not confirmation, but it is certainly promising news. What do you think?

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  • JonofPDX

    Another great indie project (hopefully) coming to the Vita. I really do think that Sony has made the conscious decision to try and differentiate the PS3, Vita and (likely) PS4 from the competition by setting them up as the kings of the indie game scene (PC not withstanding, obviously).

    And I, for one, love the idea.

    I think Sony realizes the power of indie games to do something different–things too risky to try w/ traditional AAA titles. I mean–can you see The Unfinished Swan on the 360? Or Flower? Or even Journey? Or can you see Papo and Yo on the Wii? It’s taken a while but I really think Sony is trying to make the adoption of the indie scene a real selling point for their systems/ecosystem that can only mean good things for gaming as a whole.

  • I can’t wait for this to come to Vita – probably won’t be till later in the year though if they are still at the working out a deal stage.