Remastered for Vita and all micro-transactions removed!

Scheduled to hit the PS store on 3rd April, Nun Attack for the Vita isn’t a simple port, according to Frima Studio Community Manager Laurent Mercure.

Nun Attack for PS Vita is not a simple port, we’ve adapted the game to provide a great experience on the system. We’ve upgraded the graphics a notch and entirely redesigned the difficulty of the levels since we’ve removed all of the micro-transaction mechanics.

  • Challenging tactical action and reflexive gameplay

  • Rebalanced leveling and weaponry for PS Vita play

  • Improved graphics for PS Vita

  • 40 missions to conquer in multiple stunning environments

  • Four nuns, each with a unique personality and special power

  • A full shop with over 80 guns to equip with various effects (stun, slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, Charm)

  • Seven miracles to cast

Nun attack was first released in October last year, and is an action game which sees you using 4 different Nuns with different skills as you try to rid the world of evil. No price has been confirmed yet, and will let you know when we know.

Did you play the mobile version? What do you make of this news?

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  • JonofPDX

    I haven’t played the mobile version, but I’m pretty excited based purely on the dev’s attitude towards the port. A Vita title WILL have a much higher price-point, and to make up for that the dev seems to be upgrading the game and (it seems) absorbing the micro-transaction benefits INTO the base game.

    Hope more dev’s take their lead and follow this model when porting mobile games to the system.

    • LornHg

      Hey JonofPDX, CM at Frima here,

      We’re glad you like our attitude! We wanted to keep the same game feel for Nun Attack but we felt that micro-transaction didn’t feel right for the Vita.

      We’re happy to count you in. If you have any question about the game, just ask them, I’ll stick around to answer!

    • Laurent confirmed the pricepoint, it’s $2.99 in the US and the equivalent in the EU. We have a review code and will have a review by the end of the week, but to be hone3st with you I’m going to stump up the small change anyway just based on what i know and to support them. They have Zombie Tycoon coming too. and no doubt much more. 🙂

      • JonofPDX

        Yeah–posted this before I saw the price point. Looks like amazing value for money–going to be picking this up later today 🙂 .