Why I think it’s a perfect fit for the Vita, and why Sony have to make it happen. It could be the most practical version.

Minecraft is a absolute juggernaut of a franchise. A phenomenon in its own right. The original indie-gone-bigtime-create-what-you-want game. Created by Markus Persson, better known as “Notch” and officially released on the PC in 2011 and subsequently seeing Xbox 360 and Android/iOS versions, it has collectively sold more than 20 million copies across all platforms Whilst all the internet was recently awash with Jens Bergensten‘s comments that a PSN version depends on the exclusivity period for the Xbox, the story can be traced back to January when I found it on PlayFront.de and I then tweeted Jens myself and got no reply, hence not running a story at the time.

But with the apparent admission of an exclusivity deal, and the news that Fez’s period has expired and it could also make an appearance on PSN it just makes me think that this could happen so much sooner. And this is one that I think has a far wider appeal. And would be a perfect fit.

I lose myself for many hours sometimes on Minecraft. To be honest, I don’t play it as much as I like for a whole multitude or reasons, real life, this website and what the wife wants to watch. I can’t alsways have the monopoly on the TV these days. Otherwise I’d play this for hours at a time. Attempting to pretend I have any sort of creative expression.

But Minecraft on the PSN would be an absolute system seller, especially for me. With cross save you can take your created PS3 world with you. On the bus, on the train. To the park. Even on the sofa, whilst the wife watches Eastenders. You could carry on with your architectural masterpieces in ways not possible on other systems. And then send it back again. With cross buy, you would get two versions for the price of one, or even if it had a discount for two together. An outstanding Vita title in its own right or better with PS3.

With the touch screen and touch pad you could build and demolish at the same time. Could you imagine renovating the landscape at ease by flicking the touchpad on the back? The screen is big enough to take advantage of everything you would need to see. Accessing menus via touch and moving around the landscape, using both analogue sticks would be truly impressive.

Imagine using the cross play mechanics to play with other Vita and PS3 owners. Or even imagine using the Vita’s party chat to ensure that you and eight friends had a blast on building or destroying.

You could also edit or design your own skins for characters or blocks and share then via Near.

4J studios did an amazing job on the Xbox 360 version, and although some minor cutbacks had to be made to get it running on the 360, I’d happily take the same world size restrictions to see it on the Vita. With their experience, surely they would also be the best people to get this running too. As mentioned, there is a mobile version but this edition is very far behind in terms of current performance and it would be far better if it was a more up to date version. But even the pocket version would be a start, especially since Jens is now working on that version too and slowly bringing it upto date. But a more current edition would give the Vita an edge over the mobile devices somewhat.

The Vita needs an identity, and with 2013 seemingly filling the calendar with very welcomed indie titles, how amazing would it be if it got one of the biggest of them all. With 20 million copies sold across all platforms, half of which are across the mobile and 360 versions, there is no doubt that this sells itself, and seemingly sells platforms in the process.

  • Minecraft on Vita would be nice, but I’d still massively prefer to play it on PC. There’s an endless amount of mods, texture packs and other customizations you won’t be able to apply on Vita.

    • You could say the same of many games on PCv Console though. 🙂


        • Who down-voted him? He was joking!

          • Since every comment save one has at least one downvote, I think there’s someone who doesn’t like us or Minecraft very much.
            Also, their humour might not fully align with mine ;).

          • If they don’t like Mincraft then it begs the question as to why they are reading the article, and if they don’t like “us” it the question is why they not only visit, but log in with a disqus account and bother voting. Surely there is a better use of your time? I like Minecraft. I also like the humour and style of the comments. 🙂

          • It’s better than some other site I happen to know.
            I was addicted to MineCraft for a summer. Good times.

  • Undrey

    I would get this if there was a retail version, but if it was digital I won’t be able to get it.

    • Why not? And they are about to release a retail version of the 360 version so perhaps. Obviously nothing is confirmed at the moment. 🙂

      • Undrey

        There’s just an issue between the Store and my account, my account is set to Bulgaria, but I don’t live in Bulgaria, so it need Bulgarian PS store cards and I can’t find any here, and I there are two Bulgarian PS cards online but I dislike shopping online since I live far from the US where everything is shipped from.

        • Will it not just let you register a card and add funds to the wallet through that?

          • Undrey

            Nope. I wish it would, or that I could change my country on PSN, but Sony doesn’t work that way.

  • Josuey_de_PR

    well i have a decent pc and i have never been temped to buy minecraft, it just dosent seem like a game to me,i want to play games, not spend hours on a program, that being said i hope it comes to vita since its such a success

    • I always though that and was never interested in it, and then I got a review code for the 360 version and wish my PC could run it…

      We are all different and like different things. If you have ever been a big Lego fan, building stuff and so on then it’s for you. If not, then obviously not. 🙂

  • I’d buy it day one – they could release it as a full game on Vita. With that in mind, they would be foolish not to bring it over.

  • rai

    i would suggest watching the minecraft pe edition on the ipad 3 as that is round about what you will get on the vita from an almost the same hardware specs perspective

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Thank the lord we are getting the cosnole version!, GO VITA!