We marked it but six months later nothing has arrived.

Over six months ago – around the launch of Borderlands 2 – we ran a small piece based on some Tweets with Randy Pitchford and Adam Boyes and after with Adam Boyes and Shuhei Yoshida. Randy is the CEO of Gearbox software the masterminds behind Borderlands 2 and Adam Boyes is in publisher/developer relations at SCEA. Shuhei Yoshida or course is President of Sony Worldwide Studios. These tweets were six months ago, and were attributed with the text “this will be important in six months, mark it” however said text cannot be found anymore. So six months on, are we due a reveal? Or was it just a fun hoax?

It is well known that Randy was a big advocate of the Vita and really wanted to get Borderlands 2 on the system. He was clearly a believer not only in the system but also that the game was viable, he just said that they did not have the resources to do the project themselves, and reached out to Sony.

When you patently had some sort of arrangement with Activision regarding the heavily flawed Black Ops Declassified, or perhaps the most recent example of Epic Mickey 2 being dealt with by Sony themselves then you can understand not only gamers being frustrated with some of the games coming but also Developers too. It seems to be one rule for one, and one for another.

But moving back to the current, the tweets above were seemingly alluding to something. But what? Do you think that we will see Borderlands 2? The distance between platform releases doesn’t always matter as we have seen already not just with many Vita titles butalso a few Wii U ones and it is fair to say that Borderlands 2 would see a GOTY version as he first title did. How great would it be that come September we would see that? It would make some sort of sense at least. And any tie-ups with the PS3 in terms of cross save would also be welcomed!

The Vita is growing momentum both in terms of sales (in its home market at least) and with the weekly list of games both released and announced growing, there is no doubt that a shift is starting to happen right in front of our eyes. The big guns will no doubt announce – at least by E3 – A new FIFA, COD, NFS, AC, Madden and many more great games. We also have the impending Soul Sacrifice, Sly Cooper (in EU) and Ratchet and Clank, plus after that Tearaway and Killzone.

It would just be nice if we had something from Gearbox to go with it. Especially since they seemed to suggest it. But what do you think? Will we see something from Gearbox or indeed Borderlands 2? Or was it just a bit of fun and we won’t see anything? Sound off in the comments.

  • Undrey

    I’d love a Blands Vita, I haven’t gotten the second one yet.

    • JonofPDX


  • Hydro

    Fingers crossed Murph! Thanks for the insight.

  • Kyle Wakeling

    We could use all the support we get. That said, these “hints” and stuff aren’t helping when you’re not delivering on them – it just strengthens the “Vita has no games” argument the trolls hang on to.

  • we’ll end up seeing Aliens Colonial Marines I bet. Wouldn’t that be a big slap in the face.

  • Teras

    After A:CM I don’t trust GBX.
    Randy has proven to be a big liar, filled with false over excitement about anything even when he knows that things went wrong. Plus he comes off full of denial afterwards.
    I am not supporting them anyway but even if they release something for the Vita, chances are that it will be of the Black Ops Dec quality.

  • Lester Paredes

    It took longer than 6 months, but Borderlands 2 is confirmed to be coming out! Whoo-hoo!