Thomas won’t be alone for much longer. That’s not the last reward though.

In April as Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward joining the growing list of great Vita titles, Sony announced that from March 20th until April 10th if you take out a one year plus subscription you will automatically get an additional 90 days FREE! It makes me wish I’d taken advantage of GAME’s great offers last week…

Anyway, Zero Escape will join plus on April 10th and will replace Metal Gear Solid HD (so hurry up and get that before it goes, it’s rather good!) and then on April 24th we will see Thomas was Alone enter the fray, which will replace Puddle.

The PS3 will also gain Okami HD, LOTR: War in the North and the Cave, and the full list of happenings is:

Leaving PS Plus in April:

3rd April: Mass Effect 3
3rd April: Mortal Kombat
3rd April: Guardians of Middle Earth
10th April: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
24th April: Puddle

Entering PS Plus in April:

3rd April: Okami HD
3rd April: Lord of the Rings: War in the North
3rd April: The Cave
10th April: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
24th April: Thomas Was Alone

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Really want to play Zero Escape but my budget doesn’t quite fit it. And Thomas Was Alone is a title I’m very interested in. Awesome.

    • Avioto

      Same here 🙂 Amazing games once again, PS+ is getting better every month.

  • lyhxzcdsg

    omg…I just bought Zero Escape some days ago….(((((