You might want to look at this if planes and dogfighting is your thing.

Vlambeer took to the EU blog to tell us about their new game which is coming to the Vita (and PS3) called Luftrausers.

With a bit of help from Developer Digital, then same team that are bringing the PC hit Hotline Miami to the Vita, the game is about flying airplanes. Rami ismail, who is one half of Vlambeer said:

We’ve been able to get right to what matters most: making a fun game about airplanes for people to enjoy on their PlayStation devices. So instead of worrying about that sort of thing, we’ve been working hard to balance the game so you’re always in the heat of battle, we’ve been adding more impossible missions and most importantly, we’ve been making the plane crashes more satisfying.

Working on this game we slowly realized that that is what Luftrausers is about: it’s about being the best fighter pilot in the world. It’s about barely dodging that homing missile that would’ve ended your run just short of your highscore. It’s about finishing a minute-long tense battle with a huge airship. It’s a fighter jet crashing into a boat and sinking it. And most importantly, it’s about doing all of the above in the span of seconds, while pulling acrobatic moves with the best airplane in the world.

And when it’s over and the dust clears from your glorious defeat, you head back into the hangar and might think – ‘what if I tried it with a laser mounted instead of a machinegun?’

We can’t wait to see which of over 125 airplane combinations will be your favorite.

We have stuck a trailer here for you to get a feel for the game, and we will bring you more details when we have it. What do you think?

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks interesting. The Vita indie support machine is running on overdrive all of a sudden ! Will need another job to insure I can pick up all of the shiny gems I’m interested in!

    Murphy, can you tell I’ve finally figured how to post here? 🙂 I’ve been known to be quite slow at times.