Expect a trailer on Monday. International versions incoming!

After waiting an eternity for news on the Final Fantasy X HD remake, not only were we hit with the news that X-2 is also getting the same treatment but also that both will be released this year. it has been confirmed that whilst PS3 owners will get both X and X2 HD on one disk, Vita owners will have to get both separately. Hopefully we won’t be charged full price for both…

Speaking with the EU Blog, Square Enix’s Community Manager Benjamin Bateman said:

Final Fantasy fans will be excited to know that they’re not just getting a mind-blowingly beautifully HD version of the game they love, oh no! Both games are based on the International version, which is the most complete, feature-heavy iteration of each game to release. The International version of FINAL FANTASY X-2 never made it to European shores before, so there’s quite a chunk of additional content for you to dive into!

He stated on the post that there will be a trailer on Monday, which of course we will feature here too, and in the meantime we have some (PS3) screens that Square Enix have given us. Two great HD remakes of Final Fantasy, on the go? Surely that’s got to be worth smiling and making noise about?

  • Omg. Going to have to start playing through the back catalogue if I get a chance. Final Fantasy games on the ps2 looked AMAZING so the hd versions will probably look not too far off early ps3 games too!

  • hope its enough success that they make ff12 hd as well

  • Buckybuckster

    Looking good! Tidus is the worst FF lead ever but the game is awesome. Blitzball was somewhat painful too. Looking forward to both games.