The increasingly popular Unity engine has recently been announced to have formed a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment bringing development tools for Sony’s PlayStation platforms; including the PS Vita, PS4, PSM, the upcoming cloud gaming service and continued support of the PS3.

This is great news for the PS Vita which is already making a name for itself as a strong indie platform, now with support of the Unity engine we’ll likely see an increase in the already noteworthy support from independent developers.

Unity plans on having a large presence at the upcoming GDC so more information regarding this partnership is likely in the near future and we’ll, of course, keep you posted on any news that comes up.



  • Josuey_de_PR

    so this is a good thing obviously but what exactly is this “unity engine”? in what ways will this partnership help me as a psvita and ps3 owner? we get more games? not sure sorry never heard of it

    • Undrey

      It’s an engine that games run on, games like Escape Plan (that was a small part of the engine I think), Slender, Temple Run. So it means possibly more games from new developers, which is always good news.

      • Curtis De Vries

        More games is right basically. Unity is an engine that is used, often by independent developers, to build their games with. It’s similar to
        engines such as the Unreal or Frostbite engines if you’ve heard of them; for example, Batman Arkham Asylum uses Unreal Engine 3 and Battlefield 3 uses Frostbite 2.0.

        Games like Slender: The Eight Pages, Dead Trigger, Rochard and Temple Run use the Unity engine; I know I’d be happy to see some of those games make it to the Vita. The Vita game Escape Plan already uses the Unity engine but that is the only one at this point in time, this partnership with Sony is bringing out development tools designed specifically for Sony platforms which will bring even more interest by independent developers in particular to the Vita and other Sony systems.

  • JonofPDX

    I have kind of mixed feelings about this.

    One the one hand—MORE GAMES! Unity has become pretty popular
    w/ a lot of indie devs as it’s a fairly versatile engine w/ a good toolset (and
    a pretty small learning curve–which helps). That means we are going to have
    more smaller dev studios able to produce games for the Vita. Great, great news.

    But on the other hand, I do worry about Unity’s existing
    linup (which includes a large number of crap or sub-standard mobile titles)
    being ported en masse to the Playstation Store for the Vita. A glut of crappy
    mobile titles moving onto the system is exactly what the Vita DOESN’T need now
    that it is finally gaining some traction and defining itself as SEPARATE from
    the iPad you play little mobile games on.