It would be super.Man. Netherealm apparently tease a future Vita edition.

Brought to our attenton by PS Vita Forum user Danny Duncan and posted on Explosion (without any sources, mind) the upcoming superhero brawler based on DC comics universe is set to hit consoles very soon, but depending on sales we could apparently also see a Vita version.

The Vita is not new territory for Netherealm, with the studio previously porting Mortal Kombat to the platform as a launch title.

Injustice is a fighting game with the bouts lasting one round, but the characters have two health bars. It features a diverse roster with many fan favourites and uses four main attack buttons, light/medium/heavy and a specific character trait.

We have contacted Netheream and Warner Bros for more information and will update you if we hear anything. In the meantime what do you think? Will it make an appearance? Were you going to get the consile version but now may hold back?

  • Bilbo

    I would love another good fighting game.

  • Psvita is a fighting heaven so it should be a no brainer that we will see this game for the system.

  • Undrey

    Hey, who’s the admin/mod of this site? Can you make the comments link to an article bigger? There’s the quote image and then the number of comments, can you make the quote image also part of the comments link?

  • Josuey_de_PR

    i was actually wondering if they were gonna put it on vita since mk9 was ported to vita

  • Buckybuckster

    I think MK did well enough on the Vita to expect Netherealm would bring it to the handheld.

  • saintfighteraqua

    the Vita version of MK was so good. I hope we get Injustice for it with allo DLC included! That would be great!

  • michael keers

    i bet they do what they did when they ported mk9 over they gave it all the console dlc seeing as two dlc characters for injustice have been confirmed i can see them doing the same