According to an ad from either PAX or GDC, Tearaway will be gracing the Vita this October.


A very official-looking ad for a reward has popped up on the internet, referencing an October release date for the papercraft/origami-styled adventure title. Either from the Penny Arcade Expo (which ended on the 24th) or the Game Developers Conference, the ad boasts an “Available this October” tag in the bottom corner, and all the correct logos and features to identify it as real. It references booth 1193, and ┬áincludes very little information towards the game other than the release date.


More information as it leaks, stay tuned!

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  • With Killzone having a September release I’d already slated October as a release date for this. It’s one of the higher profile Vita titles out later this year, I couldn’t see it being a November title.

  • Buckybuckster

    This one has been on my radar for some time now. Its not everyday you see a game with a premise as original as this one.