The 2D crafting hit coming this summer, says 505 Games. We can’t wait.

It was only two weeks ago when we told you that Terraria could make an appearance on the Vita and here we are now with the news that it is definitely coming.

Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand at 505 Games said:

We’re all huge fans of Terraria and have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the existing community since we began working with the property. And it’s been amazing to see how many of those fans have been asking for a portable version of Terraria so they can take their adventures with them on the go. The biggest challenge for us is how to give players the control they need to fully enjoy the experience and we’re really excited to explore the potential of the multiple input options that the PlayStation Vita affords us.

As we told you before, Terraria invokes a very Minecraft feel, it certainly seems to draw a lot of inspiration from it and compact it into a 2D world. It would appear to be a good fit for the Vita.

A view shared by Shahid Ahmed:

We are tremendously excited about bringing Terraria to PS Vita. It’s fantastic news for fans who have been begging for the game to be available on PS Vita and it’s fantastic news for us too, we are delighted about the addition to the platform. For us this is a real coup, the opportunity to bring such a loved game to one of our platforms is really exciting. We are also really confident about how much fans are going to love the PS Vita version; the touch screen will ensure a totally unique experience.

Shahid is SCEE’s Business Development Manager, and if you aren’t following him on Twitter then you should be.

What do you make of this news? Do you think there will be any tie-ups with the PS3 version?

  • Buckybuckster

    I know nothing about Terraria, but I like the old school 2D look and feel of it. I assume there will be some cross play elments with PS3.

  • rai

    terraria would actually work well on the vita i think personally…but i would be worried about it being supported through all the updates ps vita will always have.