Well, a look at the console version. Will the Vita get it though?

Since the announcement in early January not very much has made it into the public eye about the next installment in the Lego series, Marvel Super Heroes. Until now.

Various sites including Destructoid and GodisaGeek have had a bit of a hands on with the latest title, and a few screens.


I’m not going to butcher their news pieces, and I’m assuming it relates more to a console play than a Vita but it’s nice to see a few new screens and to discuss the title. Very little had been known until now and hopefully we will not be subjected to a DS/3DS port and get a console equivalent, but we haven’t heard yet.

But what we did learn was that what they played saw Iron Man and The Hulk teaming up in New York’s Grand Central Station, and ultimately facing off against Sandman and Abomination.


Of the three Lego titles on the Vita, my favourite by far is DC Super Heroes. The character mechanics allowed for a greater amount of puzzles and more diversity in the characters, and with so many in the Marvel universe to draw upon, I’m hoping that this will be something even more special than that.

We don’t yet know when Marvel Super Heroes will be released, but we will let you know when we do. are you looking forward to this one?

  • Buckybuckster

    I think there will be a Vita version. Every Lego game sans City Undercover, has been released for the system since it’s own release.

    I don’t own any of them, but I’ve played a few. They are for the most part pretty fun games with a silly (but in a good way) sense of humor.

    • PixelKnot

      Indeed. I remember getting the Xbox 360 bundled with the original Lego Indiana Jones game.

      Enjoyable game, even though it’s not really into my gaming type.

      Regarding this article, I also really really hope it’s not a 3DS port yet again.
      Looking at the console version’s screenshots, I can imagine that looking so gorgeous running on the Vita’s screen.

    • I think I didn’t make it clear; we ARE getting a version. My opening linewas to whether we will get the console version.

      To be honest, it’ll likely be the same as the 3DS one though, especially since we are getting a 3DS/Vita version of Batman too.

      • Buckybuckster

        We forgive you Murphy. Don’t let it happen again! : )

  • Anthony Brinklow

    As long as the graphics/sound quality/extras etc mean the game is a lot better than the 3DS version then it’s fine – if it’s a direct port like the previous Lego games them that’s definitely NOT fine.