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Will it crawl to North America?


Kadokawa Games; who recently licensed Lollipop Chainsaw to Warner Bros and partnered up with XSEED to release Killer is Dead,  could be planning to release Demon Gaze in North America, and through logical extension – Europe too. The publisher filed a trademark for Demon Gaze for the U.S., meaning a localization – and usually if North America gets it, so does Europe. It’s a promising clue towards another localization of a good jRPG.

One question still remains – who will localize these titles Atlus, Xseed, or maybe Aksys? Either way, at least it could be coming – unlike those Tales of games we definite aren’t getting…



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Yuuki is 21 and from Germany. Gaming since 1998 and starting with a SNES he progressed through all Nintendo systems as well as an Xbox 360 and Sony consoles, including his newest addition to his console history, the Vita. Favourite genres include jRPGs and Strategy games.
  • Buckybuckster

    Hope it makes it over. Always up for a smartly executed JRPG! Nice art in this one too.

  • wilflare

    :O would love to play this on my Vita