The rumor mill is a-buzz with the news that folders may soon be coming to the Vita via a firmware update.












It’s all over the internet, but apparently the source is NeoGAF and a post on the EU Playstation Blog. Personally, I’d love some folder integration as apps start to pile up and even without the largest card size I’m nearing that 100 bubble limit rapidly. Hopefully this is more than just talk, but for now; let’s chalk this one up to the rumor mill.


Update! – Folders have been confirmed with PSVita firmware 2.10, releasing later today.

Source: PS Blog US


The changes to the firmware are as follows;

  • Create folders to more easily manage your favorite application icons on the home screen, with up to 10 icons in each folder and a maximum of 100 on the home screen (including icons inside the folders).
  • Verify which PS Vita card you are using by looking at the home screen’s info bar. You can also save the layout of your home screen icons in the memory card.
  • Added video support allows you to play videos within the browser (memory card required; some videos are not supported).
  • New email enhancements allows you to view HTML messages, add multiple email addresses to your contacts, and easily search your messages using the new search feature.
  • PlayStation Plus members will be able to automatically update PlayStation Mobile format software and upload game save data onto online storage using 3G connection.
  • New “Mute Automatically” option will mute your PS Vita speakers when your headset is unplugged and pause your music when using the music app.


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  • Very elusive as always, but he does seem to be suggesting something.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Yeah, they’re never very clear when answering questions of this type. Such are public relations when you’re trying to keep things under wraps, I guess.

  • JonofPDX

    JUST got a 32gb card last night and now that I have
    everything stored on my Vita the lack of folders is a serious hassle.

    It’s not even the 100 bubble limit (I have a good way to go
    before I will need to deal w/ that), it’s just that I want to impose some kind
    of organization to the apps and I just can’t w/ the way they are set up now.

  • nathan rodriguez

    That would surely make me feel better getting another 32.

  • Updated and confirmed. Still 100 bubbles but surely that has to be lifted at some point? I’ll be surprised if this year finishes without a 64GB card on the market. With so much success with digital sales the limit will have to go.

  • Buckybuckster

    Some nice stuff in this update! Finally, the bubbles will stay where I friggin put them!

  • Oooh, they’re allowing multi-card now without completely resetting your bubbles each time you switch cards? That would be very welcome as my 16gb card has been brought to it’s knees with all the fantastic PSN content over the last few months. Guess another 16gb card might be viable afterall! Though ideally I want to see 64 or even 128gb cards unveiled at E3.

    They must know, especially with Europe getting full retail titles from Japan as download only, that these memory cards be too small for serious gaming!

  • Josuey_de_PR

    I think there’s a 100 buble limit to prevent OS slowdown and battery life