On the road to recovery?

Hot on the back of the Vita performing exceptionally well in Japan, the little handheld has finally passed 4.5 million, with sales this week of 53,283 bringing the total sales to date a not too shabby 4,542,922. What do you think? Is the Vita starting to gain momentum?

For comparisons sake, the 3DS is now at nearly 30 million sold, but personally I think the two are very different and as was with the PSP and DS, they’re appealing to a different demographic.


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I'm 27 years old, and have been playing games for 20 years now, ever since Sonic and Alex Kidd on the master system. I love most types of games but I have a particular passion for music games and racing games, though Final Fantasy VII is and probably always will by my all time favourite as it's the only computer game to ever make me cry!
  • PixelKnot

    Congrats, PS Vita!

    And I completely agree that these two platforms each appeal to an different gaming audience.

    • Buckybuckster

      Great to see PixleKnot and Yanikun here! While Sony has done a great job jumpstarting the Vita in Japan, they need to start spreading the love outside of it’s native shores. If the west gets that much needed love, we could be talking 10 million units by the end of the year.

  • Very different platforms and audiences. Also not a fan of vgchartz for sales sources. I’m a fan of their site, and their figures usually aren’t that far of but much prefer official confirmation. Except when lumbered with the PSP…

  • VGChartz is a no-no when talking about relatively recent sales. In the last few months in particular, they’ve been way off-track. I’ll give you the example of American sales in February. On the left is the numbers reported by VGChartz, on the right is the numbers reported by the NPD tracking firm:

    Xbox 360: 201,839 vs. 302,000
    PS3: 129,505 vs. 270,000
    3DS: 73,269 vs. 191,000
    NDS: 45,505 vs. 100,000
    Wii: 40,935 vs. 100,000
    Wii U: 37,783 vs. vs. 66,000
    Vita: 21,604 vs. 38,000

    Need I say more?

    • Ouch. My bad. Though worldwide sales are over a much longer time period so I’d estimate they are more accurate than looking on a weekly scale. I agree weekly / monthly can be a little hit or miss but lifetime sales are usually pretty accurate.

      • The only ones you can really take as concrete are Media Create and official press releases from companies, which are few and far between.

        Although for what it’s worth, 4.5m probably isn’t far off the mark.

      • I agree. With lifetime sales, they eventually adjust over time when they get better data. Just saying weekly and monthly sales really don’t mean much, but things do point to the Vita being at around 4.5mil.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Excellent news

  • ProfessorGerbik

    That is good, hopefully it keeps it up. I would like to think one day it could possibly sell as much as the 3DS has. Might take a couple years but hopefully.