Ubisoft announced Cloudberry Kingdom – a multiplatform game coming to the PSVita.

The game is developed by Pwnee Studios Corp, and Published by Ubisoft. It will be a classical jump and run type platformer. One of the main features is the possibility to play auto generated random levels based on the difficulty selection; those levels can even be played with up to four friends via local multiplayer.

The game will be released next Summer.


More Screens; OneTwoThree

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  • Ubisoft did wonders with Rayman Origins. I’m excited about this. Only iffy subject for me is random levels.

    • Buckybuckster

      It does spark a bit of concern as somes games with randomly generated levels can suffer from bland generic playfields and backgrounds. This title looks like it has decent enough graphics.

      Hopefully Cloudberry will prove to be the exception to an all too common rule.

  • JonofPDX

    Very much looks like they are taking a clue from the amazing success of Rayman Origins (which I think surprised them).

    Though talk of randomized level design (in a PLATFORMER, where precision is usually key) and something about the layout of that screenshot (maybe the placement of the pickup crystals?) makes me feel like this is going to be a smaller downloadable game along the same lines as Mutant Blobs Attack.

    That’s no bad thing, mind. Having a range of games at different sizes/depths/price-points is a good thing.