Slightly dodgy looking logo sparks discussion.

It no secret that there will be a Need for Speed title this year, even if nothing has been announced. It’s become an annual thing now, and since Criterion Games will be the developer for all games in the series it’s no surprise that they will be making it. But what will this years title be?

After the rebooting of the Hot Pursuit series in 2010 and then last year with Most Wanted – which was awesome on the Vita – there are suggestions this morning that it could be an Underground game that gets a refresh this time around.


This logo was brought to our attention by VG247 (who themselves credit Nintendo Life) and VG247’s source suggested that it will be revisiting Bayview City.

This would suggest that the logo appears to be a fake since it features many London based landmarks and the Roman Colosseum, but what do you think? Will it be an underground title or another reboot? Or will it be a newer style title like 2011’s The Run (which was made by EA Blackbox) which was also fantastic.

And more importantly, will it be released on the Vita?

  • I really just want Criterion to stick to Burnout. I liked NFSMW but in all reality its Burnout paradise 2.0. I was pretty disappointed that they completely ignored the car customization features that the traditional NFSMW had. if they end up doing Underground I fear that they will do the same to it too. the main draw to the Underground titles were the fast an furious type cars with custom paint, ground fx etc.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Good luck, they’re in charge of the Need for Speed franchise now; them not doing the next game would be like Disney outsourcing Star Wars Episode 7 to Nickelodeon. Haha.

      • They did 2 games now they are in charge I don’t think so.EA Canada and EA Black Box have been on the series since its inception. This should be Criterion’s leap year so either EA Black Box or EA Canada is on deck.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          Sorry man, they’re in charge. They will oversee all NFS projects, and while that doesn’t mean they’ll be developing them all for sure – it’s a pretty good indicator of the way the series is heading.

          • Well that proves Criterion is the leader, never read that, but I never really seen a publisher put out yearly releases of a series under one developer. There is some contradictory statements in that article too.

            Second paragraph Mark Ward says they are changing the “every year release” model and says all NFS titles will have the “stamp” of Criterion but then says no other studio will be involved. Third paragraph he goes on to say what they do in the future will have a strong Criterion involvement. sounds a lot like other studios will help but only with Criterion assistance and approval.

          • Kyle Wakeling
    • Buckybuckster

      I would love an original Burnout for the Vita. Add in a REAL crash mode and you would have a day 1 purchase from me!

      Man I miss that game!

      • I’d be quite happy with a remake of the first 3 as HD Classics compilation.

  • Sunjay140

    We need customization, that’s what Undergrounf is known for