News for FIFA 14 to be revealed tomorrow.

This tweet from the official FIFA Twitter says that tomorrow (17th) FIFA 14 news will be shared.

What are your hopes for FIFA 14? After the NHL 14 revealed showed that there would not be a Vita version, I guess the first port of call is that we get one for us!

But seriously, for starters we need to have it built on the console engine and not have FIFA 11 again. Ultimate Team, especially taking advantage on Near, which would be an awesome way of building teams. But I’d trade off Ultimate Team for a proper engine on Vita FIFA. I want to have a proper career mode, international selection and so on. Uploading replays and the like.

What are you hoping for? We reviewed both versions already released, and you can read them here and here.

  • bane126

    FIFA 11 for Vita was good but EA dropped the ball on FIFA 12 when it repackaged 11 as 12. Wack. It needs to be built off the FIFA 12 engine for one and UT would be AMAZING on the go. High hopes for sure, but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much of an improvement this year.

  • Wasn’t FIFA 13 on PSP still running on the FIFA 07 engine? Sadly if we do get a Vita version of FIFA 14, I think it’ll just be updated rosters again.

  • meh, I really hope Konami decides to launch PES 14 on vita.